“French diner?” “Gallic coffee shop?” “Chic, quirky luncheonette?” People have tried to describe us in many ways over the last fifteen years. Lately, they've even been referring to us as a “New York institution.” (We're not quite sure anyone or anything should be an institution.)

We like to think of ourselves as serving solid French bistro fare at non-exclusive prices in a low-key, congenial, 'downtown' New York atmosphere. What keeps that atmosphere ignited is our eclectic clientele and the vision of our owner Florent Morellet.

The media has recently declared our neighborhood, the historic Meat Market district, New York's hottest, hippest area. They've dubbed Florent its unofficial mayor, although he's still negotiating for Queen.

When he originally opened in this decidedly unfashionable spot, it was to give New Yorkers a reliable, round-the-clock eating establishment away from the hype and glitz of the “scene.” Things change, but Florent's beliefs haven't. Good food. Good people. And, as we're French, some good, strong opinions to keep it all bubbling.

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